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Door and window hardware brand recommendation

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Doors and windows must be matched with door and window hardware when installing. For different doors and windows, different door and window hardware will be selected during installation. The age of doors and windows is very important for the door and window hardware, so look at the hardware when you buy doors and windows. So what are the recommended brands for door and window hardware? Below, let's take a look at the recommended hardware for the next door and window hardware!


Door and window hardware brand recommendation _ Baogao bogo door and window hardware accessories

Door and window hardware brand

  Baogao Hardware (Foshan Baogao Aluminum Door and Window Fittings Co., Ltd.), China's top ten lock brands, China's top ten aluminum door and window hardware brands, became the first live broadcast brand in the industry to cooperate with CCTV CCTV's top ten channels in 2018. The production and research base of Baogao Hardware Co., Ltd. covers an area of more than 20,000 square meters and has more than 200 employees. At present, the company has dozens of imported CNC CNC processing equipment, forging equipment and automatic stamping equipment, independent polishing workshop, automatic Sandblasting workshop.

  As a manufacturing company focusing on the development, production, sales and service of high-end aluminum door and window hardware products。 The main products are: a word lock of the central control sliding door, handle, ground pulley, sliding window lock, pulley, bathroom door swing door lock, hinge。 With its advanced design concept, exquisite appearance and excellent quality, the products provided by Baogao Hardware have greatly satisfied the individualized needs of different customers, and even provided high-end aluminum door and window fittings and door and window system solutions for global users。

  The above is the relevant content recommended for the door and window hardware brand. Through the above content, everyone has a certain understanding of Baogao Hardware, and I hope to help everyone. Doors and windows are the key to connecting the outdoors and the interior, so the choice of door and window hardware is equally important.

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