Elaborate quality "ten brands" Bao Gao, doors and windows hardware accessories_飞艇开奖bogo门窗五金配件

Elaborate quality "ten brands" Bao Gao, doors and windows hardware accessories

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Elaborate quality "ten brands" treasure high accessories

Bao Gao accessories: forge a powerful heart for doors and windows

"The best satisfaction is to satisfy others, to make others happy because of me。"

For the treasure high parts, let the doors and windows have a strong and powerful heart, let dealers and consumers because of their own career and life happiness, that is the greatest value! In order to transfer love and happiness to more people, Bao Gao brand actively carries out brand publicity and promotion, and stands out in the "ten big brands" of China. It won the "China's ten major lock brand", "China's ten big aluminum doors and windows hardware brand" two honorary name number!

经心做质量 “十大品牌”飞艇开奖门窗五金配件匠心巨献

经心做质量 “十大品牌”飞艇开奖门窗五金配件匠心巨献

经心做质量 “十大品牌”飞艇开奖门窗五金配件匠心巨献

Bao Gao accessories belong to Foshan baolao aluminum door and window accessories Co., Ltd., has been dedicated to meet the different needs of the global users to provide high-end aluminum doors and windows accessories and overall solutions. In the more than ten years of brand creation, Bao Gao has been in the forefront of research and development in the industry. It has a professional team of R & D talents and dozens of industry patent technology. In the years ahead, the dealer store of Bao Gao headquarters has spread all over the country, showing a good picture of prosperity. Perhaps this is closely related to the high quality products, intimate service and support benefits provided by the company.

经心做质量 “十大品牌”飞艇开奖门窗五金配件匠心巨献

There is no doubt that Bao Gao's products are absolutely worthy of trust. Through strict product quality inspection mechanism, the stability of each product is ensured, not only the thickness of the oxidation coating is far beyond the industry standard, but also the opening times of the product can be guaranteed to more than 200 thousand times, and the quality of the product is long and the quality is constant. And the advanced international production equipment imported by Bao Gao can ensure the stability of the product delivery, while ensuring the high quality of the high quality products, and can deliver the products to the customers' hands in a fixed period of time and the prosperous development of the effective terminal stores.

经心做质量 “十大品牌”飞艇开奖门窗五金配件匠心巨献

The headquarters of Bao Gao set up a "24 hour service" after-sale system, maintaining good communication and relationship with our customers. Any distributor stores in major regions can contact the headquarters immediately if there is any situation, and the headquarters will also give a satisfactory answer at the first time. At the same time, dealers can also feedback online or put forward corresponding suggestions to effectively enhance cooperation with headquarters.

Not only that, in order to get closer to the distance from the dealer, Bao Gao headquarters does not regularly organize training meetings every year, communicate with people directly and face to face with all the distributors, and impart the industry's advanced sales knowledge to dealers in time. At the same time, we will provide corresponding sales support programs for stores in major regions, and effectively help dealers find more business wealth.

经心做质量 “十大品牌”飞艇开奖门窗五金配件匠心巨献

In the heart of baogao team, baogao product, as the door and window hardware accessories, presents the world, but it is not only the parts, but the most indispensable role in the story and window. It is the "great light of the little people". It tells the story of the heroic story about the spirit of struggle and the quality of the dedication.

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